wanna know what a cow looks like washed and blow dried?



that is what a cow looks like washed and blow dried


Jesper Kyd
Legacy Of The Borgia Family
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Legacy of the Borgia Family - Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

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guess whos moving to his univerrsity city tomorrow morning

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I suspect genetics plays a role


Cuil la Cuil ! Nouvelle génération !

Some fruits fan-service ! 

Merci aux amies qui m’ont conseillées de faire ça =)


She initially said “no” when I asked for a photo, but another old woman walked by, and began speaking passionately in Ukrainian. Apparently convinced by the words of the passerby, the woman shrugged, and posed for the picture. After everything was finished, I asked my translator: “What did that other woman say?”
"She said: ‘You must not refuse a photo, because you must represent the women of your land. Now go to eternity!’"

(Odessa, Ukraine)

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i see plenty of “protect autistic kids uwu” posts made to be feel-good useless bullshit for allistics, but do you know how many “protect autistic adults” posts there are? like fucking none. what, are we too inconvenient and un-cute for y’all?

protect autistic kids? yeah, and protect the adults they grow into.

protect autistic adults raised in medical facilities because their own families didn’t want to care for them

protect abused autistic adults whose accounts of their abuse are swept under the rug

protect autistic adults whose atypical mannerisms increase their risk of being shot by the police, especially if they’re black

protect autistic trans adults who are told they’re too “r*tarded” to transition, especially if they’re trans women

protect autistic MOGAI adults whose identities are constantly called into question because of their disability, especially if they’re trans women fighting the “male brain” stereotype, and who are invisible to the mainstream “gay rights” movement

protect autistic adults who are forced into dead-end jobs that pay pennies an hour, especially if they are stuck in potentially fatal poverty because of it

protect autistic adults whose children are taken from them because of their disability

protect us, because we are up to 10 times likelier than abled people to experience sexual abuse. protect us, because there are no cutesy programs to help us once we turn 18 and stop being young enough to care about. protect us, because no one else will!


i just found an old flash drive and this is the only thing on it

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Can we honestly discuss this. Look at this beautiful accurate portrayal of an Ancient Kemit (Egyptian) Queen. She looks like an Ethereal Goddess.

Reasons why we need to cast Black People as Black People.


i love orange is the new black

Are you kiddin’? It’s my neighborhood. I can handle myself.

Harley Quinn #10