Sonic Colors, Nintendo DS.

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a precise calculation.


Pokédex GEN III by Érica Nagai


Was going to make fun of this dialogue in Kid Icarus, but then I checked the dictionary and joke’s on me 

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i felt the need to draw a medic in a big poofy sweater

tried drawing this sweater 

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Bipper for first inktober! Gold ink is the best.

Yes I know I’m super late starting but I’ll see if I can catch up

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Marvel Halloween [1/?] — D E A D P O O L

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四男と末っ子 by ちるちる

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I set my trap for a peasant and lo! I catch a prince!


Zombie Nation


Developed by KAZe in 1991 for Nintendo Entertainment System

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This is beautiful.

this’ll be us one day, i think about that a lot


Damn Charlotte, you just gonna put a dude out there like that?

Wait you're a muslim? If I knew that when I followed you it would have been a different story. That's disgusting to be honest. Unliked. Unfollowed. Good riddiance. Grasping ton would be spinning in his fucking grave to know Muslims disgraced the army uniform.


Hahaha! I swear this was the best message to wake up to! I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I first noticed you white trash neo-nazis following me! I didn’t have the heart to say you were following a race traitorous, brown girl loving, American Muslim. Better go cry to Stormfront, you pathetic piece of shit! Hahahah!

And pay attention, because your remarks are about to make me shatter your sad view of American history. The relationship between Muslims and the US goes back as far as the US exists. When George Washington was was being destroyed by the British at Valley Forge, and was about to lose the war… it was African Muslims that saved him. Sultain Sidi Muhammad bin Abdallah (the ruler of Morocco) made history by being the first in the world to register the United States as a country, and allow US ships to resupply in Moroccan ports. Life-saving supplies and weapons flooded in to Washington’s Army, and the war would have been lost without them. To this day, The United States’ longest unbroken treaty is with an Islamic nation - Morocco.

I’m also a tenth generation American, son. My family came here in 1716. That’s more than half a century before The United States of America was even born. My 8th great grandfather fought alongside Washington in Valley Forge, and was given 200 acres of land as a gift for his outstanding actions in battle. If Washington knew I served in “his Army” and followed my family’s legacy, he would shake my hand and thank me for being a true patriot. For embodying the true American virtues of service, humility, and freedom of religion that he fought for.

And one last tidbit: Thomas Jefferson owned a Quran, and to this day, it’s still kept safe in the Library of Congress. He, along with James Madison and George Washington, argued that America should be open to Muslims as citizens, office-holders, and even presidents. John Adams - our 2nd president - also owned a Quran, and called the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a “great seeker of truth.” Benjamin Franklin called Islam the “model of compassion.” If there’s anyone our founding fathers would be ashamed of… it’s you. Thank you for your unfollow.

Kiki’s Delivery Service Trailer