Probably my favorite thing about Bob’s Burgers is that they don’t do that thing where the characters try to one-up each other with an endless barrage of jokes? No, the characters react like actual people instead. They actually laugh or chuckle when somebody says something actually funny and/or weird. They stop mid-sentence. They do double-takes. And it all feels so very natural, because that is exactly what common people do. And that is such a refreshing change of pace, when you consider the fact that the norm in these things is to have jokes relentlessly thrown at you at break-necking speed.

also the comedy doesn’t rely on the parents hating and berating eachother idk i love that

it shows how you don’t need to be offensive to be funny

general banter is the best way to write dialogue

i think the coolest thing about this show is that they actually record all the characters in a scene at once, so the actors are all in the studio together and can riff off of each other and actually improv some of their dialogue. 

i love when a character laughs and you can just tell it’s the actor reaction to an improvised line that was just genuinely funny and off-the-cuff rather than a scripted joke

It has been 10 years since Slumdog Millionaire came out and every year I light 10 candles for them so that the memory of Jamal is never forgotten………




Goat Simulator Trailer

shut down the gaming industry, we’ve reached our peak

well done, everyone.  no more games, ever.

….oh my god

oh my god



All the motivation you need


All the motivation you need


「弥栄ましませ大和撫子」/「枕狐(まくらこ)」のイラスト [pixiv]

"Man is part of nature and is one of its elements, so it cannot be said that any one of his practices or any one of his behaviors goes against nature, even if it is criminal behavior, because it is nature’s ruling,"

good job Lebanon on decriminalising homosexualityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

An incredible picture of a soul leaving the body. 

An incredible picture of a soul leaving the body.